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Rojan Shargh Ind. & Agr. Company (Private Joint Stock) is one of the biggest producer processor, packer and exporter of Iranian saffron and dried fruits in Iran with more than 10 years experience.
We are the first company in Iran that has obtained the certificate of quality in the saffron and dried fruits industry from American Administration for Inspection of Food and Drugs (FDA) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) from MIC accreditation by RVA (the Dutch National Accreditation body for (HACCP) and ISO 9001:2000 by UKAS, UK.
We are a member of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) as well.
We have obtained a hygienic certificate from the Iranian Administration for Food and Drugs and National Standard. We are a member of Iranian Food Industry Society and Agriculture society. 
The company’s philosophy is to deliver high quality product with friendly service to our customers. We supply various packing of Iranian saffron and dried fruits to be packed with best packing equipment. 
The development of innovative production methods, emphasis on product quality, and individualized customer service in the entire world allowed the company to grow dramatically over 10 years.
We believe that supporting farmers in essential to ensuring long-term availability of the fresh, wholesome products we depend upon. We teach and supported more the 10,000 growers in the field of hygienic cultivation, harvesting and storage of saffron and fruits and through our business practices and our philanthropic efforts; we’re making a concerted effort to help their success.
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